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The latest suckers—er, no, let’s see….The latest intrepid creatives to accept the Inspire Magazine WTFIT challenge were a couple of our friends at Wrecking Ball, a digital creative agency with offices in Florida and New York. We sent Wrecking Ball’s James Begera and Carlos Ramos a box of random objects and the word paradox. 

Because Wrecking Ball has worked with Inspire on many projects, they’re no strangers to the harsh reality of a WTFIT box; nonetheless, James says they were “excited and nervous…not sure exactly what we were getting ourselves into.” 

Their initial reaction to their box’s contents? “Some intrigue mixed with awkwardness,” says James. “There were these interesting yet random objects in the box, and we weren’t really sure what to make of them. So we did some research and development.”

As fun as that sounds, they ended up going with their first thought upon seeing their word, paradox.And that thought was the Penrose triangle, an impossible (one might even say paradoxical) triangular object reminiscent of M. C. Escher’s artwork. 

James and Carlos started by spray-painting some objects (to bring color harmony). Then they photographed each object and composited the photos in Adobe Photoshop CC, so they could experiment with different compositions before assembling the piece. 

The pair stayed true to their original vision. “Originally, we were going to have the word paradox at the top of the piece,” says James. “But we scratched that idea halfway through and decided to let the piece speak for itself.”  

And it does. The result is yet another creative solution to the Adobe Inspire WTFIT challenge. I guess that means we should start making them harder.




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