Bacardi Mojito

Bacardi had ambitious goals for the Mojito. They wanted to reintroduce one of the world’s best-tasting cocktails to a new generation of customers—and it didn’t stop there. Their ultimate goal was to take ownership of the word “Mojito”—so whenever anyone searched or ordered a Mojito, they automatically connected the cocktail to Bacardi.

Bacardi hired Maverick, now part of Wrecking Ball, to leverage its digital properties to amplify the Bacardi Mojito brand—increasing its reach beyond the website. Our objective: to use the US as a test market to determine the cocktail’s potential, and then oversee the digital promotion to a global audience. Top management was skeptical at first and questioned if a single cocktail, like the Mojito, could support the need for its very own, exclusive website. Well it did and the rest is Mojito history.



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