Seeking new ways of getting the word out about new features in their Creative Cloud software suite, Adobe’s Product Marketing team asked Wrecking Ball to conceive, design, and animate a series of short, “snackable” videos for use in PR and social communications. By watching the videos, existing customers and interested prospects can learn about the new product features in under 60 seconds, and the short, succinct format proved ideal for use in product reviews and social sharing.

New features in Adobe products are typically complex enough to have to be seen in action in order to be understood. Historically, Adobe had created comprehensive reviewers' guides and lengthy tutorials which required a considerable investment in time by product reviewers and customers to learn about new features. Could there be a better way of conveying this information in a shorter and more concise way?

As leading experts in Adobe software, instructional content, and motion graphics, Wrecking Ball was deemed a "natural fit" by Adobe to conceive and create this new type of material. Once we had an understanding of the features they wanted to convey, we put our strategy team to the task of distilling the information to it's core essentials, while our design team developed a framework to demonstrate these features in a clear and easy-to-understand way.



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