Adobe TV is Adobe Systems' online video network, offering free training, inspiration, and information about the latest Adobe products and services. One of the first platforms of it's kind, Adobe TV is currently used by over 3.5 million users worldwide, who consume videos in over 40 different languages. Wrecking Ball designed and developed the enterprise-level video serving platform and Content Management System.

The concept of Adobe TV was straightforward - to provide Adobe customers a way to search for, find, and view videos to help them learn how to use Adobe software, and to provide Adobe a way to educate customers about new products and features they might not be aware of. Prior to approaching Wrecking Ball, Adobe had partnered with another agency to build a 1.0 which had gained some early adoption, but was plagued by a lack of reliability for end-users, as well as a complex & inefficient publishing process for Adobe.

Adobe asked Wrecking Ball to rebuild the Adobe TV platform from scratch. We interviewed active users, as well as others who used online video as a learning resource, but weren't aware of the existence of Adobe TV. We held discovery sessions with numerous stakeholders to understand their business goals for the property. Taking the findings from this research, we created a requirements document that when printed out was nearly 1 inch thick.  Our design and development teams delivered a reliable, scalable, easy-to-use platform that delights customers, drives revenue for Adobe, and remains a benchmark in the industry today. 



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