Adobe TV Community Translation

The Adobe TV Community Translation project is a collaborative endeavor that brings a wide variety of free training, expert tips, inspiration, and information about Adobe products and services to viewers worldwide. Supported by a dedicated community of translators, this project enables volunteers to extend the reach of Adobe TV content by translating episodes into any language they choose. At launch, more than 36 Adobe TV episodes were posted in over 25 languages, and new translations are being posted all the time.

Many Adobe TV episodes contain subtitles, which can be easily translated by a community of volunteers using intuitive tools created by Wrecking Ball. Anyone can apply to join the Adobe TV community of translators. Once approved, translators choose which episodes they want to translate. 

Since 2010, when we invited Adobe TV users to change the way our videos were translated, we never imagined over the years we would have hundreds of volunteers and thousands of minutes of translated video, covering 35 languages. By combining the power of the Internet with the generosity of volunteers, the Adobe TV Community Translation project helps people from all corners of the globe share information and make new connections—in any language they choose.



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