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In 2007, Time Warner Cable saw the need to create a marketing website and companion guide to their Video On Demand (VOD) offerings. Watching full length content online was in its infancy, and the Set Top Box was very cumbersome to use to peruse through all the VOD content. A solution was required to provide consumers an easy and simple way to find content available On Demand, with a toolset allowing the Marketing Team to update featured content at a moments notice. 

An out of the box solution did not exist then nor does it exist today. Wrecking Ball worked with the TWC Marketing and Operations teams to concept, design, develop and launch a solution that had never been done before. After a nearly a year of daily engagement between various teams, TWConDemand.com launched showcasing a few thousand On Demand titles, a few hundred movie trailers and a few dozen networks. TWC was able to commence with online marketing of movies, tv shows and events.

Now on its 3rd iteration, aside from the technical updates, the website boasts landing pages for various marketing campaigns including integration with social campaigns, a catalog of hundreds of thousands of VOD assets, thousands of movie trailers viewable as mobile to HD quality, content from over 140 networks, access and information to Live Events, and the ability to see a holistic view of what content can be viewed instantly on demand via the web or TWC app. And yes, they can still market as they need to with a more robust platform and back office statistics.

Reality is, Time Warner Cable could work with any company in the world. They choose Wrecking Ball to work with as we've been involved with the Web since 1996 - the year we put out first video on web. Combining our years of Digital Experience, Technical Excellence and Marketing Knowhow (how's that for corporate jargon) allowed for this platform to be built and run for nearly a decade.


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