Adobe Patent Innovation

Adobe is the #1 Computer Software company on the the “World’s Most Admired Companies” list*, with a rich portfolio of patents to prove it. To draw more attention to that fact, the Adobe Brand team elected to replace their existing “patent wall” - a physical installation at their global HQ in San Jose - with a giant touchscreen wall installed in the renovated lobby.

Adobe invited Wrecking Ball to concept, design, and build an interactive experience where visitors could browse and learn about its 3,000+ patents and their hundreds of inventors. The installation would be located alongside the main reception desk in their renovated lobby, inviting guests to interact and greeting thousands of employees daily as they entered the campus.

Because patents showcase the innovation, talent, and the scientific rigor that fuels companies like Adobe we knew this experience needed to be both technologically exciting and visually stunning. Our team developed the installation using web standards and built a custom CMS to manage the assets. The work can be viewed in any common web browser, from a giant touchscreen wall down to individual Microsoft Surface tablets mounted in lobby kiosks.

The result was so well-received by Adobe leaders and project stakeholders that the company decided the deploy the installation, in various sizes and forms, at all their offices worldwide.

*FORTUNE Magazine 2016



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