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Welcome to Wrecking Ball Studio + Labs

Welcome to Wrecking Ball Studio + Labs -- the relaunch of our brand and our website!

What happened to Media Group? Good question! And why Studio + Labs?

Since 2007, we have gone by the name Wrecking Ball Media Group. For many years, the name seemed apropos! Yes, we were focused on heavy tech work but we were starting to focus more on digital design, photography and video production. Ya know -- 'media work'.

So over the last decade our services vastly expanded while many people thought we were a 'media agency', a company that bought and sold ad space. So it got us thinking… perhaps it's time for a brand refresh and let the world know who we really are?

As a digital agency, we (and many others) are split into a few internal groups. When deducing it down to the core of the Agency, we are a Studio and a (Digital) Lab.

The Studio: Where greatness is forged, pixel by pixel, with sharp strategy and powerful design. From the dark arts of UX and UI, to video editing, digital publishing, integrated marketing campaigns, with the collaboration as agencies like SEO Cherry and others. In other words, problem solved.

The Lab: Our research center for all things binary. Where experimentation meets engineering, and curiosity is crash-tested then made ready for prime time. It's the playground for us geeks where we push technology (at times breaking it).

So, we adopted the name Wrecking Ball | Studio + Labs (or just Wrecking Ball). It is who we are and provides more clarity of our mission to the general public.

With the updated name we needed a new URL. As the squatter owner of '' is holding out for asking six-figures and up to purchase the domain name, obtaining that URL was not the best use of funds.

Good news is, '' was available.

The double entendre speaks for itself to the sense of humor we have as an agency. It definitely raises an eyebrow and gets others to chuckle. Ultimately, the true meaning is -- If you have a challenging project that needs to be done right, then work with us - Get Wrecked!